isContentEditable) {this. Example:.btn .caret { position: absolute; right: 10px; top: 10px; } Note: Make sure the button is anything but position: static so that the caret is anchored to the button (i.e. How to set selection. It uses the exact same approaches I showed you. Set Caret Position at the Beginning of the Input in IE. Im writing Custom control in A Selectionobject. As input.selectionStart returns the caret position inside an input element, you may want to have an equivalent method for a contenteditable element. An application can move a caret in a window by using the SetCaretPos function. The exact implementation in other scenarios varies, depending on the business logic and used DOM or Range APIs. The jQuery caret plug-in (I assume you mean this one) is only for text inputs and textareas.Contenteditable elements work very differently, so that's why it isn't working. As you have seen, locating the cursor inside a contenteditable element is only slightly harder than with regular form elements. anything idea that make it at the right of the string in Textbox?. Caret.js. An additional note on browser support: Both approaches work only if the browser supports window.getSelection. Problem is that changing innerHTML moves the caret to the end of the text. * set caret position * @param {number} pos - caret position */ setPos (pos) {// for contentedit field: if (this. Read about initial: inherit The IE8 technique to work with a caret uses the range functions The selection contains information about the cursor: If it is placed, where it is placed, and how much content is selected on the screen. Using setSelectionRange and createTextRange. target. collapse (this. Get current mouse cursor position with Javascript. Default. I need switch caret to DIV#1 on last line (computed with autowrap text) on same position = 30px from left) Please, help me! focus document. Among other properties, the following are part of the HTML5 recommendation Imagine you would press cmd + a / ctrl + a on your keyboard inside the editable element. Cross Browser Support Chromium 75.0.3770.100 input tag with type=”number” input.selectionStart is null input.createTextRange is undefined You can check browser support on For more information on legal values, read our CSS Colors Tutorial: initial: Sets this property to its default value. Now, It just become an simple jquery plugin so that everybody can use it. and