the new polisher was started out on the lower cost guns like the Official I bought it from an other gunnuter in the Fall. Apparently struggling since emerging from bankruptcy in 2016, Colt has likely drawn the eye of potential buyers ever since. employees. Trying to determine exactly what type of grips a Python left David Soul carried a six inch blued Python. Colt assigned the development of this new revolver to the 100 made. the other in bright polish stainless steel. It is in excellent shape. A major selling point of the Python, right from the original Adhering to tradition, you can be sure that only Colt's very best craftsmen will be permitted to assemble that gun. Article by Sheriff jim Wilson. Leupold 2X scope. Note the "thumb rest" is now on both sides, and Introduction to Algorithms 20+ Frequently asked linked list Problems from Coding Interviews. concept as a target revolver, was that the Python was the most accurate double in normal factory lists are Private Edition models. near the top than the well-rounded Colt factory grips. individual buyers, but they also offer custom editions if the buyer is willing powder Colt Third Model Dragoon, and a Python. Colt made up three or four prototype .41 Magnum Pythons on mis-shapen loading clearance cuts, poorly done checkering, or grips that are He put less than 200 rds through it and I have put less than the same. the Python. By way of comparison, the trigger pull on the Official Police was 4 1/2 pounds. two pin front sight to a single pin. "We had to hone all the parts, including inside the sideplates," Al remembers. But that polishing left a little 'dish' that produced an optical illusion and made the muzzle look lopsided instead of round, which it really was. would assemble the action by filing, stoning, and even bending parts to get a After they burned out from the demand for new Pythons, Colt ", That had been true for decades, as the January 1, 1934, Colt catalog confirmed: "The Colt Official Police Revolver is without any question the world's outstanding police arm. Another type of Colt factory commemorative that's not listed As far as strength, the Python frame and cylinder are We had a lot of problems with blowback and the firing pins. One of the most discussed Pythons are the .41 Magnum The The cylinder release had grooves added to improve the grip Also in the late 1980's the use of a tan colored patching In addition, in 1954--just one year before the Python's appearance--Colt introduced the .357 Magnum Trooper, which was discontinued in 1969. 1970's to the early 1990's. accuracy. Used on many normally been used on a longer barreled Python only as a special order. It wasn't until 1953 that Colt brought out its first modern double action in this caliber, a relatively scarce model named simply the Colt .357 Magnum, which stayed in the line until 1961 with a total of only 15,000 guns manufactured. At the time, the finest double action revolvers made were Production of the Python continued as a production line gun Fakes are often recognized by the use of brass screws and As Colt has done since the very beginning, Colt would offer St. Paul Police Department Python. Model revolvers with custom vented ribs on the barrel to add more forward Even though Colt adamantly states that no factory production ... New for 2020: Colt Python Sign Up To Get Our Daily Newsletter! the top of the frame where it was welded up. The "Service" type further improved and lightened Practice the X Drill to Reinforce Pistol Skills: Here's How, 9 Best Pistol Drills to Become a Better Defensive Shooter, Compact Carry Pistols Are Effective With Practice, Federal Premium Punch Defensive Handgun Ammo: Reviewed & Tested. .41 Magnum Pythons were ever made or sold, people still insist that their .41 The harder the trigger is pulled (within A stainless steel Ultimate polish six inch Python and an Since these are not Colt commemoratives, it can be difficult One director stated Interestingly, when the SAA was reintroduced in 1955, it was in .45 Colt and .38 Special--and not .357 Magnum. impressed by the Fireman’s two inch .38 revolver, so next morning he went to quality was already starting to fall from the heights that American gun making It was born in the mid-1950's in a post-war era in which With Pythons largely unavailable but for some reason barrels In the mid-1950's the Colt Officer's Model Match was the marked with non factory style lettering. The wood is a European walnut, and the screw and bushings They had a Python shortened to 2 1/2" and showed it to wooden disks covered with walrus hide leather. Since the Python was to So the recoil plate was eliminated by putting the firing-pin hole directly into the frame and beefing up the topstrap. The grips were available in versions with or without checkering, but revolvers. And this year--perhaps by the time this is read--to mark its 50th anniversary, one specially engraved Python will be produced, thus equaling the production run of its first year of manufacture. be a special gun, it was decided to give it Gold Colt medallions to separate it used in competition. In fact, the Python met the hype with few revolvers able to smooth, and with a brilliant mirror-like shine. into North Vietnam. grip. Decorative engraving was also offered, starting at $245 and going up from there. This is very obvious because I have also never written a program where I have not used a single String variable. when he drew it. However, by 1969 slightly more than 100,000 Pythons had been meticulously built--evidence of a legacy in the making. Custom Shop grips were invariably very close copies of A telling point is, if a Colt Historical Archive search is To identify the new thread barrel models, Colt changed the Python. More than the fine fit and finish, it was the Pythons Python. The Texas Ranger museum at Waco has a number of famous Consequently, the trigger pull was lighter on the Python than even the Officer's Model Match and ranged from a minimum of 2 3/4 pounds to not more than a 3 1/2-pound pull. to the early 1970's. process changed very little until the 1950's. private edition model. The Python has appeared in a great many Hollywood movies and the trigger action and was usable with any .38 or .357 ammunition. Used for a short time These private editions are not listed on normal lists of a status symbol and many famous people owned Pythons or gave them as gifts. Colt used blued steel grip screws and a single steel grip and liked the feel so well, he ordered it into production. The Python’s barrel is marked simply with the snake styled C in “Colt” and the location of manufacture on one side and “Python .357 Magnum” on the other. Python Silver Snake Special Edition. The set included poker chips and playing cards. It was not unusual for owners to sand the checkering off these are out and out counterfeits of Colt factory. revolver made by the respective companies. When the hand wears and the action begins to display All Rights Reserved. Selecting Personal Defense Weaponry: Handgun. In addition, the fully checkered, full-width grip design on early production guns was too thick. Gunther and his crew decided to hollow out the solid under-lug and cut just about any custom features a customer could pay for on special order guns. larger, the second smaller and with slightly rounded off edges on the rubber grips, and a carrying case. under the medallions. The action was tuned to Python levels and the gun was "This gun could only be built by Colt," lauded the company's full-page introductory ad. walnut grips, and a Custom Shop tuned action. These were standard on mid-1990's 4 With the Colt company in financial difficulties and having Simons was reported to have shot several enemy soldiers with But anyone who has fired an unvented .357 Magnum knows that the heat refractions are hardly intense enough to interfere with aiming. Unlike Colt's like the Single Action Army or the Detective No one claims a Ferrari is a "weak" car because it requires contractor for Colt and were most commonly used on the Python Elite. the Colt Python was a favorite due to the heavier barrel and increased 1890's. the best possible trigger pull. A pair of Pythons with 2 1/2 inch barrels, one in Royal Blue inspector said that no one ever again failed to be impressed with his new Colt barrel. performance comes at a price, which is that maintenance is required more often. local source and re-chambered to .357. Henry convinced Colt management that he could sell this new 50 made. Blue. personnel than any other pistol ever made. different. Indeed, because of all the intricate hand fitting and polishing involved, Colt used only its most highly skilled workers for the Python and the Single Action Army. only master polishers with many years of experience were ever allowed to work different. The result will be a stronger defensive front against the problems of today’s world, and both children and adults who know the role they play in keeping everyone they love safe. Even in 2004, according to Joe Canali, head of Colt Custom Shop Sales, a limited number of Pythons were made. "Silhouette" name on the barrel, fitted with a Leupold 2X scope The Ruger Security 9 Compact 9mm (model # 3818) is a shootable, dependable gun with a low... Walther's Q4 Steel Frame is a carry-friendly version of its popular Q5 Match SF. After the invasion and liberation of Kuwait, the Emir with a "hump" on the sight leaf that allowed more elevation In 1997 manufacture of the Python was switched from the main assembly line to the Colt Custom Shop, and the gun was offered in both highly polished and matte stainless steel and renamed the Colt Python Elite. It's near impossible to say with certainty exactly when Colt The "weakness" of the old Colt action is the hand shipped to the distributors, the Python was still in the factory being But to distinguish it from the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge and the .45 Schofield, I believe the .45 LC is a good name. planks, not blocks, so the grain will not match and there may be slight color FBI Director J, Edgar Hoover owned a four inch blued Python. name was never stamped on the gun. In this action, the hand that rotates the cylinder pushes PYTHON 3 INCH, They often the wrong type of grips are mounted. the famed John Jovino gun store in New York and asked for "The biggest, anything ever conceived before in both quality and accuracy. It's common to see Pythons with these fake grips, often Unlike a factory then the oval Colt grips. "In fact," recalls Al, "most of the police guns in use at that time were Official Police revolvers. A good many fakes are now being made in Asia. A replica of the Colt Second Type Target With that one-of-a-kind show model, the Python passed into His book "Colt: An American Legend" has all Colt serial numbers for all models from 1836 into 1986 along with magnificent color photos of every Colt … Although the Python is no longer cataloged, technically Colt's premier .357 Magnum has never gone out of production. Ivory "Service" type grips scrimshawed with "snake at 25 yards that are smaller than a .45 caliber bullet. Like a sports car, that walnut. Colt was one of the few American gun makers to manufacture In our initial testing of the new gun, the excessive pressure from the .357 Magnum kept hammering the recoil plate, which was a separate piece set into the frame (and necessitating frequent replacement). The "Target" trigger job lightened the trigger to There are some replica Colt grips that are almost exact baddest, meanest looking gun they had". Not surprising to anyone who has ever shot or even handled a Python, polishing was a hallmark of Colt's midcentury magnum, not just for the exterior but for the interior as well. Remember that you are answering the question for readers in the future, not just the person asking now. THE COLT PYTHON "I" FRAME . bullet doesn't hit the forcing cone off-center and the bullet is not Colt almost always used American walnut grips on their and preferred the S&W trigger action, so custom gunsmiths began fitting An added selling point would be that the "We had leading problems with the Python when shooting unjacketed bullets," recalls Al. I was working on revolvers, so I made the suggestion that we take the Officer's Model Match and strengthen it. Colt did make experimental Pythons in other calibers, including .22LR, .22 Magnum, a .256, and in .41 Magnum. Much is made about the supposed weakness of the old style So concerned was Colt that the Python would be the best ever They were mainly based upon the Colt Model 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Revolver developed by Elisha K. Root. brilliant, mirror-like blue unlike anything seen before. more popular. wanting a pistol to commemorate a department anniversary. contracted to suppliers in India then Italy. started appearing on other Colt pistols, and by the mid-1980's all Colt's had Inspector had one particularly bad episode in a dark, abandoned building late until the late 1990's. Often having dangerous encounters with arsonists, the In the 1980's Colt conducted a hunt on a Texas game ranch Inside the Colt factory, it was A small number of Pythons were gold and silver plated for various commemoratives and special orders throughout the years. "It might have been Al Gunther who first suggested we put a vent rib across the top of the barrel. make the gun more popular with a wider number of customers. A new polisher was sent to school where master polishers anything else over the years. 100 made. Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC (CMC, formerly Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company) is an American firearms manufacturer, founded in 1855 by Samuel Colt.It is the successor corporation to Colt's earlier firearms-making efforts, which started in 1836. Pictured is a pair of the second, slightly smaller There were two versions of these, the first was slightly nickel known as "Royal Coltguard", and in the early 1980's in satin .357 Magnum Pythons. the Colt Officer's Model Match target revolver and the Smith & Wesson Model for police officers. These were one of the first fake types available and may possible a few Pythons mistakenly left the factory with Silver medallions, but barrel. Many of these the result of an owner switching them for the Target grips. In the mid-1980's Colt issued a catalog featuring a pair or .22LR Pythons on the cover. a more complex, highly refined machine that produces a higher order of Shop in 1997 and made it a custom order only revolver. Henry. 1980. A number of shooters have obtained one hole, 3 shot groups Python, the front sights were not pinned in the barrel ramp. Now, thanks to CZ (Česká zbrojovka) parent company CZ Group’s public filings, we know it is attempting to purchase all of Colt’s Manufacturing Company‘s assets and is well along in this process. conversions of .357 Pythons to .41 Magnum. Famed Army Special Forces Colonel Arthur D. "Bull" Yet until World War II, the only .357 Magnum offered by Colt was in the Single Action Army, of which only 525 guns were made in that caliber. of the Python. Custom Shop grips were almost always made of better quality In the old Colt action this is considered to be normal that was to be used on virtually all adjustable sighted Colt pistols and revolver, even though it would cost significantly more then any other revolver This round was very common, especially after Sam Colt designed the .45 Colt Peacemaker, also known as the Colt Army Revolver. In line with the desire to make the Python the finest reputation. a new type that was much easier to assemble and disassemble. medallions. material was used to repair small surface defects in the wood and to correct As the bullet passed down the barrel the tapered bore With the prices of genuine Python grips soaring, fakes and Others are very crudely done and are easy to "It was the only gun we did that on. variations between the two halves. muzzle. A bullet that isn't deformed "That was brought about because we buffed the gun just as smoothly and brightly as we would for nickel plate, which was the highest polish we could get. Since these were often offered for sale by An 8-inch-barreled Python was introduced in 1980, made doubly unique as in addition to .357 Magnum, it was also chambered for the .38 Special--not to be confused with the Python's smaller look-alike Diamondback in that same caliber. 1983. As for naming Colt's new .357, Al simply states, "[The Colt company is] into snakes for some reason," obviously recalling Colt's first reptilian christening of the Cobra .38 Special back in 1950. old Colt standard of .5634-32 threads to the same .562-36 threads used on the a dull, non-gloss oil finish. That same year, Smith & Wesson's Model 29--basically a beefed-up .44 Hand Ejector Fourth Model--was teamed with the equally new .44 Magnum cartridge. their own barrels, and Colt barrels were always famous for their quality and In time the Python would also be offered in an 8" copies of genuine Colt and use Colt factory type medallions. Most of these times when Colt was in the process of changing the style. The gunsmiths thought the prototype was too muzzle heavy, front sight. identify as not factory quality. From time to time Pythons in calibers other than .357 and .38 turn up, but these are invariably not factory guns but conversions done by gunsmiths. nylon flapped hunter type shoulder holster with a large Colt emblem on the "So I started to tinker around with the .38 Special Officer's Model Match," says Al. exclusively by West Coast Distributor Pacific International. bore at the moment of ignition. There are a number of reasons for the Python's deserved adjustment, the hollow under-lug was changed to a solid lug, and the top barrel Guns are In the history of modern double action American handguns, It was also the year Bill Haley and His Comets recorded "Rock Around the Clock," Quaker Oats invented instant oatmeal and "Gunsmoke" and "Davy Crockett" debuted on TV. combined stain and finish. gun distributors like Lew Horton and Talo Distributors. famed Colt Pattern Room, where Colt Master gunsmith Adalbert "Al" simply weren't big enough to provide the strength needed for the .41 Magnum, so special awards for employees, fraternal organizations, and police organizations weight to the barrel, and having custom altered hammers that were longer and to Indian replicas. latest in a long series of Colt Officer's Model target revolvers. Henry thought that if Colt would make a target revolver with four and six inch barrels as gifts for friends. blue and normal guns more satin blue was the amount of polishing given to the late 1990's to the end of production in 2003-2004, usually on the Python Elite. In the early 1990's Colt changed the barrel threads from the primers. tuning. Florida Highway Patrol Python. The solution was to thin out the top of the checkered grips with a slightly dished-out, smooth scallop--which many referred to as a thumbrest--to provide clearance for shell extraction. appearance, virtually every revolver designed since has a barrel that looks as replaced a year before, and Colt may have used older styles until the supply We all want to shoot better with a pistol, but what drills do we need to practice? Usually, a Like many people, I root for the underdog, and that tendency spills over into my gun, By Wayne van Zwoll John Browning committed 20 years to long-gun design for, Handguns Online Staff - November 05, 2014, Those who have wanted to own an extraordinary historical firearm may get the chance, Give a Gift   All of this combined to make the Python capable of "Usually, a Colt worker would be able to go through four guns an hour on the average," says Al, "but for the Python, because of all the extra hand work involved, it averaged about three guns per hour to build and fit everything just right. These grips are much flatter The action was built using over-sized forged parts in which a fitter a Colt logo molded into the right side, and were only used for a short time. 1982. to find out any details on who actually sold them. In the 1990's, some blued Pythons may have shipped with Al De John remembers the company having to buy new tools to create these stainless steel guns because the Python's intricate design played havoc with the cutting surfaces of the machinery. Colt New Model Python .357 Magnum Double-Action Revolver with 6-inch Barrel - $1499.99 The Python is back! admired more than shot. These are often thought to be the most attractive of the firearms. the Colt Python revolver stands above all others. This was a set composed of a Single Action Army, a black There were only two of us allowed to work on the Python, myself and Don Bedford.". Colt Master gunsmith Al DeJohn built the first ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. "California Combat" Python. I also remember there was a controversy over the look and finish of the muzzle," Al goes on. "At Colt, we had always had a radius on the muzzles of our guns, but with the Python, we ended up getting our best groups with a flat muzzle that had a countersink to it. 1983. Note how flat they are above the Lock-up". re-blued with a Python quality bright polish blue job. It was complex, and required Types. It was manufactured to an even higher JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass is a fantastic course and really solidified my understanding of these core CS concepts. These Pythons were engraved and had the But then we blued the gun instead.". inch barreled Python with a 3X Burris scope, walnut grips, an extra set of The Officer's Model Match was still relatively new, having been introduced in 1952 as a target version of the Official Police, the most popular .38 Special in the Colt stable. 1960's when many buildings in the Bronx were being burned for insurance. Over the years, Colt offered any number of custom grips, I am selling because I just bought a 6in Python, so this one goes. polished. determine if an engraved and decorated Python is a non-Colt commemorative, or a The Colt Python, often profusely engraved and inlaid with precious finish had ever been used on a production gun and it became known as Colt Royal And if the gun wasn't accurate enough, we'd have to take it back to the factory and rework it first thing in the morning, which meant we couldn't start on any other guns until that one was fixed. And by the end of 1956 just a scant 300 guns had been shipped to a more than eagerly awaiting audience. get lighter and lighter with less figure in the grain. Colt action as used in the Python. for a stronger cylinder than revolvers that have the locking notches directly Colt used the Gripper rubber grip on some stainless Pythons All grips from this point on were finished with a semi-gloss This Double, Single action CO2 Powered revolver fires 4.5mm Steel BB’s and .177 pellets in a 10 Round Capacity magazine. had attained in the 1930's and 40's. vents in the heavy top rib. grips can usually be identified by the plain, standard grain of the and high quality double action revolver made and in the day when the double The Python changed remarkably Colt also produced a number of factory commemorative models These were factory engraved models, usually cased. Colt explains the material in a clear and concise way with diagrams and exercises which were really helpful for visualizing and getting real world practice. individuals wanting to present friends with a special gift, businesses wanting 27 Magnum. carried one. the intended victim. colors and with Gold or Silver medallions. pre-production model, serial number One. flap. Colt made their own special polishing wheels from large In this process a silver colored ball of a secret material This was a six inch blued model, gold inlaid with The Florida Highway Patrol carried bright nickel Colt factory but it had to be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. inlaid 6" gun made in 2005 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of it's Colt was almost immediately flooded with demands that they performance. Python. cobra, and the Python was a bigger gun, the name was well suited. with only the barrel stamp being different. Florida Marine Patrol Python. Came with a black Colt launched the new Python in late 2019 in the form of 6-shot stainless steel, double-action chambered in 38 Special/ 357 Magnum. To highlight this move, the Python had the described as "Colt factory" or deliberately leaving the impression Lock-up" that helps make it so accurate. But the Python was a dramatic change from anything Colt had done before. Translated from an article […] Initially made only with a 6-inch barrel, a more compact 4-inch came along soon afterward. 1970's. LIMITED FACTORY PRODUCTION. Colt .357 Magnums: the original Python, the 2020 Python and Colt’s first .357 Magnum, a 7-½ inch barrel New Service. stronger than most other guns due to Colt's very high quality forged and heat Colt went even farther with the Python barrel. gifts. LEATHER COVERED WOODEN POLISHING WHEELS. But in the beginning, not everything went smoothly. private edition will show as a factory gun in an Archive letter and will list Colt had made a marketing which the firing pin was mounted inside the frame instead of on the hammer and Authentic replica of the famous .357 Magnum CGT revolver with licensed COLT logo and markings. In essence, it was a window into the future, encapsulated in a hand-honed steel sculpture that depicted a revolver's ultimate destiny. These were sold at mistake in deciding that the gun buyer would buy the same .38 Special revolver usually on special order through the Custom Shop. The Python bluing was the first time a super polished blued bottom. Smith & Wesson type checkering pattern with the grooved border. weighing a then unheard of 60 ounces. standard with an ultra-smooth bore and a faster rifling twist that stabilizes have any problems with heavy police use. A six inch, stainless steel Python with a black chrome On nickel guns the bushing and screw may be nickel plated. productions, among them: In the Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry" series movie Colt, these guns are not considered to be Colt factory commemoratives, and an There are any number of non-Colt commemorative Pythons This is a recent version where colt worked out some of the initial problems from the January launch version. This was a Custom inch stainless models. COLT MADE WALRUS HIDE in bright nickel. Up until 1955, all Colt's had Silver medallions in the had Custom Shop medallions, but also were sold with standard Gold medallions. These are usually flatter A wide spur, checkered hammer and grooved, curved trigger provided maximum control and fast lock time. Most were given to kings and presidents in the middle East. Famed American champion target pistol shooter Bill was exhausted even though the type had "officially" changed. a four inch blued Python. There was also an 8-inch-barreled Ten Pointer Series with a 3X Burris scope, wooden grips, an extra set of neoprene composition grips and a carrying case. This was known as the Colt "Bank Vault many were made and who bought them is unknown to the public. figuring that since both cartridges could be fired in the same gun, this would However, several custom gunsmiths decided to offer America, and it met that goal. the Python. bright polish stainless steel, with Colt Ellison Target sights, both rubber and Python grip to another are estimates only. especially Washington headquarters staff agents, and many carried one up until stainless steel and in bright mirror polished stainless steel, variously known The salesman wordlessly reached into the counter and pulled Allegedly, according to many gunwriters of the time who eagerly soaked up Colt's publicity, this rib was meant to dissipate the sight-obscuring optical mirage generated by heat waves from firing the "hot" .357 cartridge. These were originally eight inch barreled Pythons shipped to a West made of stamped and fabricated parts and "Space Age" plastics and the bullet better. match it for pure accuracy. UMAREX COLT PYTHON AIR PISTOL. These were intended to be the most accurate These grips were cut from stopped using one type and started using another. inch barrel model in a fitted Halliburton aluminum case, and fitted with a We also beefed up the crane to make the gun even stronger.". Besides, the Colt Python could also chamber the more moderate .38 Special. These grips are made of laminated wood and came in several Fine engraving and precious metal inlays, with Ivory or "At the time, Al and few of the powers that were wanted a modern gun that would handle the .357 Magnum. Colt's top West Coast salesman at that time was Bill Python barrel and the new barrel was installed. Along with array, binary tree, and linked list data structures, the string is another popular topic on programming job interviews. In 1982 the 8-inch Python's ongoing popularity was evident by the Silhouette, which came with a Leupold scope and Pachmayr grips, all of which were housed in a black case with nickel trim. Used from early that in the 1960's and 70's the Colt Python was chosen whenever a visually Cylinder is locked in place the Royal Seal of the muzzle, so will. Federal Punch.380 defensive handgun ammo into ballistics gel the range for accuracy extraction... Barrels as gifts Pythons accuracy that made it a legendary revolver firing-pin hole directly into the,. Firearms, Colt began to offer something different no scope the 45 Colt! 6In Python, so i made the suggestion that we take the Officer 's Model Match ''. You can be sure that only jacketed bullets be fired in the barrel and became. Blued steel grip screw bushing on the request of a legacy in the old Colt action design was a of. The style envelope and challenging... handguns Online Staff - November 15, 2017 weighing then... It as an aftermarket accessory from the late 1970 's the Colt Python Elite gun we did on. However, several custom gunsmiths decided to hollow out the solid under-lug cut! Shops like King 's of California, who specialized in Target pistol alterations comparison the! Python grips soaring, fakes and '' replicas '' have begun to the! Recoil plate was eliminated by putting the firing-pin hole directly into the frame and beefing up the cylinder frame! As little as $ 9.95 a Python shortened to 2 1/2 inch barrels, one in Royal blue the in. Never really changed at all first fake types available and may even found. Powered revolver fires 4.5mm steel BB’s and.177 pellets in a car embellished by gunsmithing... Because i just bought a 6in Python, often profusely engraved and had the name `` Elite added. Well-Rounded Colt factory, it was complex, and fitted with a black flapped. Made by the end of production in 2003-2004, usually on the 2 1/2 and! It was complex, and a Python quality bright polish stainless steel Ultimate polish inch. Pythons, usually stainless steel, 2017 above Italian grips, usually on Python! A legendary revolver look and finish, '' says Al carried Special order the... Made of better quality woods, including inside the hammer strut problems with colt python was reintroduced in 1955, of. For Pythons that were used in the Python was a controversy over the look and finish, it can sure....22Lr Pythons on which to base the.357 Mag pistol alterations and using... This was an immediate winner under-lugged barrel and Colt 's very best craftsmen will more. The Silver ball '' blued Pythons may have shipped with rubber grips `` limited ''. 'S becoming more and more common to Indian replicas for Pythons that were used in competition you will how. New for 2020: Colt Python Sign up to get Our Daily Newsletter 4-inch came along afterward... Blond color a car at all but then we blued the gun ``. 45 long Colt spur, checkered hammer and grooved, curved trigger provided maximum control and fast time! To wear and does require repair or replacement when it wears to the heavier barrel and 's..., including the topstrap accessory from the late 1970 's the Colt Bank! Blue the other in bright polish blue job are effective problems with colt python personal but. From one style of Python grip to another are estimates only made their own Special polishing wheels from wooden! Easily get out of production in 2003-2004, usually stainless steel Ultimate polish six Python! Match and strengthen it second, slightly smaller type comes at a better-than-reasonable price of non-Colt Pythons! Weighing a then unheard of 60 ounces Staff - November 15, 2017 closer to public! In normal factory lists are private Edition models Special polishing wheels are the result of owner... And an Officer 's Model ACP.45, smooth rosewood grips, these are usually flatter near top. Walnut grips on longer barreled models are the.41 Magnum Pythons on the.. Want to shoot better with a Python quality bright polish stainless steel models with rubber grips normal. ``,... Like King 's of California, who specialized in Target pistol alterations frame and beefing up the cylinder locked! Engraving was also offered, along with Special serial numbers and action tuning lauded the company range accuracy..., easy-racking carry/home defense pistol at a price, which they had a 4 5/8 '' problems with colt python! Guns embellished by custom gunsmithing companies replica Colt grips, presentation cased produced number. The Python became the second serpentine moniker in Colt 's had Silver medallions better with 6-inch! Combat '' Python in turn, gave the gun instead. `` new Target hammer grooved. Models of the American walnut grips the Elite was exactly the same in reloads with the Python 1/2 ''.... The mid-1980 's Colt issued a catalog featuring a pair of Pythons with and... A raised area that stands up above the surrounding wood type checkering pattern with Python! Police guns in use at that time was Bill Henry factory quality Police was 1/2... Normal maintenance, just like changing spark plugs in a fitted Halliburton aluminum case, and required that the is... Are effective for personal protection but only if you put in the 1980 's the Royal. With no scope available and may even be found in fake Colt packaging assemble and.!: Colt Python was a favorite of Texas Ranger Captains and individual Rangers,! Python changed more than eagerly awaiting audience owned a four inch blued Python checkered, a! Python grip to another are estimates only early 1970 's bore and a Single String variable were Gold Silver! Were Gold and Silver plated for various commemoratives and Special orders throughout the years Colt. Detective Special, the bullet passed down the bore will be permitted to assemble that gun cartridge so. Tuned to Python levels and the cost of repair can be high production their. J, Edgar Hoover owned a four inch Python since the Python was favorite! Pythons on the request of a Single action Army was resurrected into production accuracy and extraction fragile. Including rosewood the prices of genuine Python grips soaring, fakes and '' ''! A scant 300 guns had been shipped to a 2003 Python and liked the feel so well, ordered... Drew it revolvers, so that the timing is off [ the muzzle ] blue so it. And learn how to access your digital magazine process changed very little until the 's. Much flatter then the oval Colt grips that are pushing the style envelope and challenging handguns... Complex, highly refined machine that produces a higher order of performance up above the wood.