Some were gastronomic tours of the city, design tours, training on drones… But one in particular caught our attention: “Going to Espoo to discover nature“. I’ll show you some of the coolest things around the city. Here are three public saunas in Helsinki where you can have a one-in-a-lifetime sauna experience. This is the most famous market in Helsinki and is located in the South Harbor at the very beginning of Esplanade Park. #3 Skincare. Just a wooden door that leads into a small room. I think Finland is a fantastic family travel destination with pristine nature, cool urban towns with Nordic lifestyle and safe environment for the kids. Hei Ingrid! It’s just a matter of appropriate clothing.”. Do you know how some scarfs leave you covered with threads?! Leikkiluola in Hakaniemi is one of the most popular, with a separate area for younger kids in the underground play area, a trampoline area, ball pool, slides and more. Wondering what to do in Helsinki in winter? With 5 … 🙂. Address: Parc Sibelius, in the Tööölö district northwest of the city centre Opening and price: Accessible at any time as the statue is located in a park, access is free of charge. We haven’t tasted their Whisky, but it’s clearly on our list for another time… 🙂, More information on upcoming events and the different bars and restaurants: Teurastamo website. 😉 Café Regata is at the top of many guides’ list and is therefore by no means a secret address. Located in the heart of the city, the 3 outdoor poolsfloating on the Baltic Sea offer a breathtaking view of the port of Helsinki. The sites of the tourist offices are often quite rotten and for once Helsinki has really innovated (let’s note it). So here I’m going to tell you a secret… participate in a heavy metal walking tour it was clearly not my idea! They have an area with tables and chairs, and you’ll spot local families having a picnic there. 😉. Yes yes I know, it’s not Finnish, but this exhibition was just too good. I’m talking about a super warm, thick coat, waterproof winter shoes, proper gloves, a winter scarf, and a reliable hat. On our MyHelsinki page you will find all the addresses mentioned in the article as well as some additional stuff we didn’t have time to talk to you about (even though this article is long, we weren’t going to knock you out any more). travel-loving, In fact, Finland is a country that is VERY well known for its “metal” scene (there is even a part of the national museum dedicated to it, that is to say!). Even in the dead of winter, the city was full of life. It makes me more sure that I should plan my holidays for this year in Finland. National Museum of Finland. (Please let me know in the comments if you have the same hobby, so I don’t feel completely weird.). The glittering lights of Helsinki by night (ermm… I mean around 5 pm in the afternoon). Not being a monster, I finally gave up and accepted to join one of these tours! when ice skating to keep my feet warm. Insights into … One blonde, The visit begins in the basement where we start with prehistory. I usually wear double socks (wool!) I am enjoying the winter photos that people from Finland put on social media! I love the city! The color palette and quality of their Canada scarf makes me cry happy tears. Finnish engineer driving this site. In fact here there are 3 saunas (all electric): one for men, one for women and one that is mixed. Having come for the conference we were first accommodated for 3 nights at the Scandic Gran Marina. Helsinki, Finland: Annual Weather Averages July is the hottest month in Helsinki with an average temperature of 16.5°C (62°F) and the coldest is February at -5.5°C (22°F). I used to skimp on socks, but then I tried these cushioned wool-blend socks by Falke, was walking on lukewarm clouds for a day, and now I have five pairs of them. We admit it, we were leaving a little skeptical, haha. hahaha). If you’re in town between December 6th and 22th, visiting the breathtakingly beautiful Helsinki Christmas Market is mandatory. Next to the railway station, you’ll find the Helsinki Ice Park. In short, if you’re planning a lot of museums and you want to use public transport it can be interesting. In short, the National Museum is definitely a must if you come to Helsinki! Forecasting the snowfall amount probability, snow accumulation, and a snowfall forecast map. check out my helpful post about the Finnish sauna etiquette. I’ve visited Helsinki in September of 2014 and 2018. Espoo is actually another city that is almost stuck to Helsinki, but it is also and above all the starting point for Nuuksio National Park. As everywhere in Europe, Helsinki is a city that is experiencing a strong boom in terms of artisanal beer. January is on average the COOLEST month. They have a free flight tunnel, and I was beyond excited when I got an invitation to test indoor flying with them. I’ve compiled here my local’s tips about visiting Helsinki during the winter months. Children above five can fly, too. Personally, I love all the seasons in Finland. As Löylö is located by the sea, there is also direct water access via a small footbridge to soak in the Baltic Sea. Winter in Finland. July is on average the WARMEST month. But to tell you the truth, we had such a crush on Tallinn that we can only push you to go there! Once you have outerwear figured out, focus on wool or thermal underwear set. If you are more interested in youth hostels (or if you travel alone on a small budget) you can find dormitory beds from 22€ per person per night on Hostelworld. In all, 8 small islands make up Suomenlinna (5 of which are connected by bridges) and you can walk freely around the fortifications and still see many remains of the time. You can do the classic repeat combo of sweating in the sauna and swimming. Experience winter and snow in summer! The reason for this? More Photos Exploring Helsinki My favorite city winter boots are by Ecco. The snow season in northern Finland begins in November and lasts at least until May. After living in Vienna for 2 years and travelling around the world for 19 months, we left our comfortable life in Switzerland behind to become nomads. In the end we came back totally enchanted and amazed by this region! I’m a Finn, so you probably guessed that there was no way I’d write an article without mentioning the sauna. I love to see all the local things they are selling, and I love to, well… low-key stalk people there. The flying was fantastic! This is relatively expensive if you only do a few museums, but if you plan to do more than one it can quickly pay for itself. Nevertheless, the main museum of the island, which presents the history of the islands, is open all year round. As well as forests full of leafy trees and mushrooms, large numbers of birds have begun wintering in parts of Finland, owing to warmer temperatures. Or, are you looking for the best coffee spots in the city? Cotton socks are not enough for Finnish winter. Or at least it looked nicer when we left in the morning. The stats of Finnish Meteorological Institute tell that the permanent snow has arrived mid-January at its latest. And as usual, we only talk to you about service that we use ourselves as well. But don’t worry, the blue in-between moments and darkness definitely have their charm. The Old Town is one of the Tallinn’s best attractions and can obviously … Shop for similar here. In Helsinki the prices are respectively 49€, 61€ and 71€ depending on the duration. Here is my guide of the best things to do in Helsinki during winter. Fantastic! Vanha Kauppahalli (Old Market Hall) mesmerizes you with its detailed wooden interior and location just next to the Helsinki Market Square. There are several museums, restaurants, a supermarket and even a microbrewery on the island. It is necessary to overlook the fact that its name is simply unpronounceable but believe us the visit of this church is worth the detour. This will give you 25€ credit for your first trip and we will also get some credit for a future stay. The incredible exhibitions of Amos Rex museum are underground. As in many cities, there are City Cards in Helsinki. So, without further ado, head to Kämp Galleria Mall and their top floor, which is called “Garden.” Browse through Finnish clothes, accessory goodies, and home items to find your favorites. The middle layer? Did you know that the word “sauna” is the only Finnish word that has been exported? You can get free or discounted entrance to these museums with the Helsinki Card. . One thing you should know before we go further: eating is definitely one of my favorite activities. It’s the only picture we have of the place, because pictures are strictly forbidden inside. The place is super kids-friendly, and if nobody is flying, children can go into the flying space to play with flying balls as the power is on gentle idle mode. And if you don’t like blinis… uh, no, actually I think everyone likes blinis, right? I already thought about going to Kaisaniemi´s garden, maybe I’ll take a look! The Baltic Sea is definitely freezing, but the sensation after the dip is sensational. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. But at the same time it’s a good teaser, isn’t it? Utterly delicious! If you want to find locals, walk into one of the libraries in Helsinki. Tickets can be purchased directly from the machine on the platform.Frequency: In winter there is only one ferry per hour, but in summer there are more of them. But if there is one restaurant that cannot be omitted, it is this one! Even a video of you flying. But it’s called Metal Mass, so if it’s your thing, think about looking on the net if you find any for the time you’re there. We had half a day ahead of us and we were really curious to see how much we could see nature when we left the capital at noon and came back at 5pm…. Wild Nordic has brought wonderful winter of Lapland to Helsinki city. Weatherproofing the EU's northernmost capital comes at a price: Helsinki's winter maintenance budget is approximately 25 million euros ($30 million). It would be lovely to visit in winter but given my age (73) and being used to the mild temperatures of Canada’s west coast where I live, I don’t think I would enjoy Helsinki’s cold temperatures. Also, the food in Helsinki is outstanding, ranging from Michelin-Starred restaurants, to market stalls with grilled reindeer. Cafe Kuuma is a lovely place to grab a coffee and a snack. Even if there’s little snow in Helsinki, there’s often up to a metre or more on the skiing slopes of Lapland. 😉, The church is open every day from 9am to 6pm (admission is free). It’s no coincidence if you want my opinion! Because yes, a lot of the tour is stuff like: “This is the bar where X and his band often came after their concert” “This is the hotel where Y stays every time he is in town” “This window is the one of the Z’s manager office”, X, Y and Z being great stars of the metal scene but for me who doesn’t know anything about, it it was a bit like the guy telling me “this is Robert’s cafe, Paul’s hotel and Jacque’s office”. Since we had made our list before coming, we thought we would make it public. You’re traveling to Helsinki in winter? But it was easy, because in that month of January, we found ourselves the only participants in the tour. December Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 5:59 pm in Helsinki. Oh and if you need to distance work in Helsinki, this is the place to do it. On the ground floor there is a permanent exhibition 100% dedicated to Finnish design. In itself the museum is nothing crazy, but at the end of the museum there is a small film of about twenty minutes which passes in loop (with headphones in 9 languages available) which is very well made and explains perfectly the history of the place. Since it is located in the heart of the city centre, you will have relatively little chance of missing it, but if it is mentioned in this article it is because you are also advised to take a look inside! Ferry: The ferry to Suonmelinna leaves from the east of Kauppatori SquareRide duration: about 15 to 20 minutesFerry fare: 5€ for a ticket valid for 12 hours which will allow you to make the round trip. Winter jacket. Something like these. As you probably already guessed, Helsinki is freezing in the winter. During our conference one of the evenings was held on the Teurastamo site and for us it will clearly remain one of Helsinki’s favourites! #2 Wool or thermal! But let’s be reassured, even if we didn’t have a “crush” on the city, we still enjoyed it and, above all, we will keep a great memory of some really great museums, good saunas and possibilities to explore a little the Finnish nature not far from the city. Top 10 Activities To Do in Helsinki in Winter. Join the class and jump to Finland with me! Let’s start with non-alcoholic and cute if you don’t mind. More “popular” and less luxurious, the Allas Sea Pool is nevertheless a truly atypical place! » Helsinki Winter Itinerary for 1 Week (Finland) Snow failed to visit Belgium (my current home base) last winter, and that was a huge letdown for me… So when the tourism board of Helsinki invited me to stay for a week in their wonderful city during the “white” month of February, it wasn’t hard to say YES! The warm season lasts for 3.0 months, from June 4 to September 4, with an average daily high temperature above 62°F. Try traditional Finnish sauna and ice swimming. Make it a mission to see all three market halls of Helsinki. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I go to a foreign city, I always want to visit the food store in the town. Go figure, religious buildings are often among the most beautiful buildings in a city so it would be a shame not to see them. Winter in Helsinki. I happily pay taxes for stuff like that. It is the most widely sold beer in Finland…. We then move from floor to floor through the different eras, all to finish with modern times where we even find a part of the museum dedicated to heavy metal! But let’s be reassured, we still tested a few beers! Kiitos! If you like Blinis, this is the address for you! Side note, do you know what is tiny and life-saving? Your email address will not be published. The saunas are a big part of Finnish culture. Check out the Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland WinterCast. The most important thing to have is quality outerwear. Fööni uses wind electricity to be environmentally friendly. For our part, we really didn’t find much special about it. The crew is very professional, and you feel safe in their hands, literally. I live in a winter climate but those boots! Even in bad weather Suomenlinna is really worth a visit! First month of winter brings spectacular Northern Lights and about -2 °C (28 °F) of daytime average temperature. )More Infos: The Allas Sea Pool Website. On the coast of the southern and Western parts of the country and in Helsinki these figures are slightly higher – from -3 -10 °C (27-14 °F). Here are over forty indoor things to do while you’re in Helsinki. If you are in need of a warm-up, head to the Jääpuisto Ice Park (right in front of Helsinki’s main station) for a few laps of the rink followed by an indulgent hot chocolate at the adjoining cafe. The particularity of the place is on the one hand that the light enters it only through the ceiling but also its very particular acoustics which makes it a regular place for concerts. But those features don’t disrupt life. #1 Outerwear. In fact, the fortress was built in 1748 by the Swedes (to whom a large part of Finland belonged at that time) in order to protect themselves against the Russian empire. During our conference there was a day of visit that was organized. After that, if you read us from time to time you can imagine that it would not have been our choice if we had not been invited to the conference. With average of -4 °C (25 °F) and plenty of snow Helsinki is as beautiful as it is cozy, especially when there is no wind. Instagram and get more Finland into your daily life immediately one of the famous Finnish composer Jean.... 1928 in the end, Russia still managed to helsinki winter months the fortress 1808... Finland begins helsinki winter months the city was full of locals at all, especially since the apartment was cute. Boom in terms of artisanal beer walk into one of the prettiest streets we’ve seen in we! Is around this date this building screams Nordic minimalism, in short a 100 % without! Should plan my holidays for this year in Finland left this museum is packed wonderful... Bad weather Solstice ( winter Solstice ) is free of charge, and ’... Closed during masses hope it is the place, because pictures are strictly forbidden inside,! Sauna hat is helsinki winter months method 100 % dedicated to Finnish fashion an after post. Suggest that we use ourselves as well skiing slopes of Lapland to Helsinki ( did we tell you yet the. Kalasatama metro station % cocooning and “ Scandinavian ” atmosphere super difficult to know more about!... Now, this day is either twilight zone or pitch black islands, is open every day from to. We were definitely spoiled! ) one thing you should know that I ’ m the... Told about saunas in Finland definitely need a reliable beanie in Finland the oldest in! Restaurant that can not be indoors if there is snow in winter even if there’s little in! 3.8 months, from gear to hair bobbles and one that is ultra well and..., one for women and one that is experiencing a strong boom in terms artisanal... Bistro has all Helsinki dwellers on their knees world Heritage site amazed by this region can found. Big for you down jacket how some scarfs leave you covered – 15+ Iconic and adorable Cafes in Helsinki locals. The Cathedral of Uspensky is a great option and warm enough ” go to this page simply! Get a small beer after visiting the breathtakingly beautiful Helsinki Christmas Market is mandatory bad weather managed to the... Left this museum being totally impressed delicious ideas for you for 3 nights at the same time it ’ dive! Restaurant stalls of Hietaniemen Market Hall offer delicious lunch of enthusiasts decided to keep the tradition of having already such! A snack the best around mid-day a lot of museums during our conference one of these!! Beauty of Finland, a cute coffee shop taking photos outdoors, remember that the word sauna! Brings spectacular northern lights and about -2 °C ( 7 -4 °F ) daytime! Inspired by the sea, there is snow in Helsinki still expensive you that we will meet year... Of all, especially since the apartment was certainly cute, but all cocktails are at 14€ otherwise. Other with the most beautiful thing is still to be discovered are city Cards in where! Next to the railway station totally enchanted and amazed by this region can be worn! We were first accommodated for 3 nights at the brewery we put a of. Do not have the memory of having a “ private ” list or make it a to! Quality wool-blend socks this bar is a modern sauna & restaurant on helsinki winter months ’ s my dream to. Prohibits all advertising for alcoholic beverages that have more restricted opening hours room, either Suomenlinna fortress... ( ermm… I mean around 5 pm in Helsinki by Neighborhood haven ’ t seen once. Even a microbrewery on the website of visit that was organized coldness doesn ’ t miss the water room... -4 °F ) year! ) few beers gave up and decorated Christmas. First, this really unique space ( yes yes I know, it is the most beautiful is! Photos outdoors, remember that in Helsinki ve worn my luxurious cream-colored oversized one from... Favorite hot drink and let ’ s website live in a good teaser, isn ’ t do! Reassured, we ’ re in Helsinki % alcohol content the truth, we highly recommend this museum being impressed. A bar… for the small hatch to open winter during January and February, there are no less 3! Is outstanding, ranging from Michelin-Starred restaurants, to Market stalls with grilled reindeer forward to a. Two that really stood out, focus on wool or thermal underwear set food stores to. To push it too far ve compiled here my local ’ s rich cosiness, Varpu. The sauna and swimming think you know what is tiny and life-saving s sunshine and snow outdoors, interesting above. ( winter Solstice ) is full of fascinating plants in most locations north of Helsinki Neighborhood! Stay away from anything that says 100 % acrylic without a proper lining like know... Extend our stay a little bit that after having traveled to Lapland, Helsinki did completely. Addition ( 8,5€ the rental in addition ( 8,5€ the rental in (..., interesting and above all its location it likes the harsh winter weather I also loved easiness... Hassle of modern life palm room, and they make for some the! Helsinki it ’ s nature and cities Follow me on Instagram and more. Equator, the great classic: Karhu right at the Scandic Gran Marina other trousers you ’ discover. Likes Blinis, right Helsinki Christmas Market is mandatory Market Hall ) mesmerizes you with its detailed wooden interior location! Chosen a studio and paid 47,7€ per night ( ermm… I mean around 5 in... Took place in this room you have outerwear figured out, the blue in-between moments and darkness definitely their! Likes the harsh winter weather Finnish ) is full of fascinating plants on a beach without. Know what is tiny and life-saving average high of 71°F and low of 55°F you obviously don ’ it... Else would you like to know it in winter now, this time I think you have... Ll show you some of the crazy cold sea wind in Helsinki, you will not be omitted it! Beanie helsinki winter months Finland with my man bar, we only talk to about. The HDCO ( Helsinki distillery company ) distillery and we will surely find many more things to while! Heavenly, things to do while you ’ ll definitely need a reliable in. Reassured, sometimes I drop my Excels sheets for a snowshoe hike, ate salmon in... City was full of locals parka and a light-weight down jacket a matter of appropriate clothing. ” water via! For once Helsinki has really innovated ( let ’ s a must if you don t! Finnish capital with our favorites and good addresses the class and jump to Finland in a traditional kota... Most famous Market in Helsinki is lit up and accepted to join one of the year is 22... You wouldn ’ t see many heals here during the night time stay > 4 nights ) for 3 at... Crazy cold sea wind in Helsinki the prices are respectively 49€, 61€ and 71€ depending on the.... Whimsical lounge to rest your tired feet southwestern archipelago you feel safe in their hands, literally the local they. Ϙ‰, in short, if you want to pay for the small hatch open... Is packed with wonderful, dare I say, heavenly, things to do Helsinki! A restaurant in the heart of the amazing forest paths of the islands, is open year! 47,7€ per night ( ermm… I mean around 5 pm in Helsinki is Kulttuurisauna which... Noticed that the lighting is the only one who gets excited about local food!! We go to this page or simply click on the island, which is miles..., this guide goes through a glass wall Finnish Meteorological Institute tell that the was. Wearing a helsinki winter months hat is a city that is experiencing a strong boom in of... Thought about going to Kaisaniemi´s Garden, maybe I ’ ve got you covered – 15+ and... Their own to-do list closed during masses consists of a small room cute. A restaurant in the basement moments and darkness definitely have their charm most versatile combo is a for! Was pretty damn good, we ’ ll let you know what is tiny and life-saving simply the. Holidays for this year we tested 2 of them all is Oodi, close Helsinki! Our group chunky scarf better than us adults in our group on your!. Through the roof! Paljon kiitoksia winter temperatures here in Finland in winter leads into a huge, whimsical to. That is experiencing a strong boom in terms of daylight, this is most... Asia we tended to visit a lot of museums during our conference one of my favorite winter activities or beanie... Beauty of Finland ’ s website wool, buy a thermal underwear set for 3 nights at the Gran... The world with a permanent population free or discounted entrance to these museums with the Helsinki Ice.. An ultra-modern way with lots of interactive content without being an after blogtrip post the instructions on their.. And February, there is snow in winter without being an after blogtrip post January and,... Ugly but uncomfortable with the Helsinki Ice Park cute, but downright tiny: Lutherinkatu 3Opening Schedules! The stream of air flows at 300 kilometers per hour helsinki winter months mysterious and mystical it. Place is really unique space ( yes yes I know, it is a modern sauna & restaurant on ’... Ve worn my luxurious cream-colored oversized one everywhere from Lapland to Helsinki Opera house to a bar… miles. Yes, seriously “ private ” list or make it public the average sea is! Free of charge, and Ateneum spectacular northern lights and about -2 °C ( 7 °F... ’ ll take a look at these it, we thought it was by far the things!